SintelSat working on a comprehensive infrastructure telecom solution for Iraqi Ministry of Defense at a Base near Baghdad to modernize and provide enhanced security solution

New York , January, 2014 — SintelSat has been asked by US Prime with Iraqi MoD to provide the telecom infrastructure, Base communication and 3G/4G mobile services in a remote area near Baghdad. SintelSat has been actively participating in infrastructure rebuilding, communication security and border protection enhancements in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia region in the past decade. In recent trips to the region with the Government officials, a larger cooperation was sought with American companies and specially the ones with extensive international experience in the difficult environment. The Iraqi Government highly appreciated the leadership, support and advisory services of SintelSat.

SintelSat looks forward to joint cooperation with the US Prime and Iraqi Government and plans to deploy its manpower and highly experienced team on the Base with special experience in technology selection, systems integration, quick deployment in mission critical environment with field-proven reliability.

SintelSat COO, Mr. Sanjay Singhal with the Iraqi Minister

About Sintel Satellite Services, Inc. (SintelSat)

SintelSat has evolved from a satellite systems integrator to a cutting edge telecom solutions provider company with global outreach, providing turnkey end to end telecommunication solutions, networks, and services using satellite, fiber, microwave, and wireless technologies. Our solutions are cost-effective based on innovative approach utilizing decades of experience combined with regional & local knowledge in the domestic & emerging markets. Representatives are available in New York, Washington DC and internationally in Germany, Lebanon, Dubai, India & Philippines and partners in more than 55 countries including Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe thus providing a complete global presence to implement challenging projects in expedited manner. In addition to 16 years of extensive international experience implementing projects worldwide, SintelSat is a certified WoSB by Empire State and self-certified EDWoSB. SintelSat is an approved vendor with multiple United Nations missions, various Embassies and currently working with USG and foreign governments; and is a member of various Chambers of Commerce.

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