SintelSat attends United Nations Outer Space Symposium in Mexico

SintelSat attends UN Space Technology Symposium in Ensenada, MexicoUN_Mexico_Banner

Ensenada, Mexico , November 20th, 2014 — SintelSat was invited by United Nations Office of the Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), Mexican Space Agency (AEM) and CICESE, Mexico to attend the Space Technology Symposium held in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico during 20-23 Oct. 2014.

The objective of the UN/Mexico Symposium was to invite the Latin American and Caribbeans Space Agencies, Industry and Academia involved in the research and technology development. A number of delegations from various international agencies, about 150 delegates, were present from more than 35 countries, including Mexico, US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Columbia, Costa Rica and others from the Caribbeans. NASA AMES was also in attendance with the Director, Dr. S. Pete Worden, along with Honeywell, Mexico office, SSTL, UK and Sintel Satellite Services, Inc., New York

The following objectives were accomplished during the week long conference:

  • Reviewed the status of capacity building in basic space technology including lessons learned from the past and on-going small satellite (<100 kg) development activities with a focus on regional and international collaboration opportunities in particular also for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Examined issues relevant to the implementation of small satellite programs, such as organizational capacity building, development and testing infrastructure and launch opportunities;
  • Reviewed state-of-the-art small satellite programs in the field of Earth observation and disaster management;
  • Elaborate on regulatory issues of space technology development programs, such as frequency allocation and space debris mitigation measures for long-term sustainability of outer space activities as well as import/export controls;
  • Elaborated on legal issues and responsibilities related to space technology development programs, such as those emanating from the relevant provisions in international space law;
  • Continued the development of an education curriculum for space engineering;
  • Reviewed the existing space applications for early warning systems and discussed future collaborative projects in the field;
  • Discussed the way forward for the Basic Space Technology Initiative (BSTI).

SintelSat looks forward to collaborating with the sponsoring partners UNOOSA , Mexican Space Agency (AEM) and CICESE and the opportunities generated through a number of space agencies and academia partners who already have ongoing research programs and some capability to put together small satellite programs including cubesat, micro and nano satellites.  SintelSat is looking to develop small satellite manufacturing facility (<100Kg) and provide the capabilities to the industry, academia and other partners to develop small satellites for specific mission use at very affordable cost and faster program cycle that can be leveraged to achieve specific missions at one tenth the cost and one fifth the time schedule of traditional satellites and launch programs.

About Sintel Satellite Services, Inc. (SintelSat)

SintelSat has evolved from a satellite communication systems integrator to a cutting edge space and ground based solutions provider company with global outreach, providing turnkey end to end telecommunication, ground & space based solutions, networks, and services using satellite, fiber, microwave, laser and wireless technologies. Our solutions are cost-effective based on innovative approach utilizing decades of experience combined with global, regional & local knowledge in the domestic & emerging markets. Representatives are available in New York, Washington DC and internationally in Germany, India, UAE, Lebanon & Philippines and partners in 55+ countries including Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe thus providing a complete global presence to implement challenging projects in expedited manner. In addition to 17 years of extensive international experience implementing projects worldwide, SintelSat is an approved vendor with multiple United Nations missions, various Embassies and currently working with USG and foreign governments on FMS programs; and is a member of various industry organizations   including AIAA, AFCEA, NDIA, US Chamber of Commerce and SSPI.

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