VSAT Networks

Sintelsat provides VSAT network solutions for corporate, government and private customers’ communication needs in geographically dispersed environments. Distant places, outposts, offices, and missions are connected through VSAT terminals that can deliver voice, data, video, and IP connectivity thus providing instant access to the remote parts of the world over a secure and reliable, private or public network.

Sintelsat VSAT Solutions support a wide range of VSAT networks and satellite technologies. We also provide the network requirements such as satellite bandwidth, VSAT equipments, terminals, teleport services, VOIP features, terrestrial leased lines, SLAs, and other requirements.

VSAT Solutions

Depending upon the requirement of our customer, Sintelsat designs a suitable solution to best meet the customers’ requirements in the most cost effective manner. Our solutions are powered by Sintelsat’s technology partners who are leaders in their respective product and service offerings that range from satellite ground communication equipment to large networks.

SCPC/SCPC Solution:
SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) is a satellite transmission system with a separate carrier for each channel as opposed to frequency or time division multiplexing- including DVB-which contains many channels in a single carrier. The primary advantage of SCPC is the architecture which allows full connectivity between the remote and the hub station.SCPC dedicated data rate solutions are available to virtually any part of the globe from 64 Kbps circuit to 155 mbps data rates using DVB-S2 technology and LDPC codes with upto 64QAM modulation providing very high efficiency with minimum satellite space segment usage for the very high data rate requirements (OC-3/ OC-12).

DVB-RCS Solution:
Sintelsat offers a high performance, two-way, satellite-based solution that delivers interactive Broadband Internet experience and multicasting applications based on the DVB-RCS standard return channel. Sintelsat DVB-RCS based solutions for 2-way satellite communication use the Newtec network platform and terminals.DVB-RCS- Digital Video Broadcast with Return Channel via Satellite is the open standard enabling interactive broadband communication via satellite without the need for any terrestrial infrastructure whatsoever. The DVB-S2 standard already described the “forward link” while the DVB-RCS adds the Return Channel via Satellite.

iDirect Solution:
The iDirect VSAT Solution includes Satellite Modem, IP Router, TCP Optimization, QoS and 3DES Link Encryption in a Single Box. The system scales to monitor multiple hubs and thousands of remote sites from a single NMS.iDirect VSAT platform has built-in flexibility through the use of – – Star topology, Star-Mesh topology, Multi-Star Configuration, Point-to-Point configuration (SCPC) and Mobile application.

ViaSat Solution:
Viasat Linkway VSAT Solution economizes your satellite bandwidth costs through automatic, adaptive assignment and advanced coding. Quality of Service features enables you to set priorities for different types of IP services. This multi-service VSAT supports mesh, star and hybrid network topologies over C-band or Ku-band frequencies.LINKWAY™ seamlessly connects your advanced business networking applications that use IP, ATM, Frame Relay or ISDN protocols between many remote sites.