Satellite Bandwidth

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Satellite Bandwidth

SintelSat has worldwide connectivity through our local, regional
and global satellite operator partners. We provide Satellite
Bandwidth services in any scale capacity or frequency band at most
locations worldwide. Through SintelSat, customers have access
to multiple satellite networks covering different parts of the globe
providing broadcast, multicast, contribution, turn around, news
coverage, disaster management, VoIP, and voice and data connectivity.

Special Coverages:

ABS-1 (75° E) South Beam Ku Band

Amazonas-2 (61.0° W)

AsiaSat 2- (100.5° E)

Arabsat 2B (30.5° E)

Apstar-IIR (76.5° E)

AsiaSat 5 (100.5° E)

BADR 4 (26° E)

BADR 6 (26° E)

ChinaStar-1 (87.5° E)

Eurasiasat-1 (42° E, Ku-Band)

Eutelsat E3-C (3° E)

Eutelsat AB-3 (5° W)

Eutelsat-W6 (21.5° E, Ku-Band)

Express-AM22 (53° E, Ku-Band)

Intelsat IA-6 (93° W), IA-7 (129° W), IA-8 (89° W)

Intelsat IS-601 (64° E)

Intelsat IS-706 (50.25° E)

New Skies NSS-6 (95° E), NSS-7 (338° E)

Telstar 11N (37.5° W)

Telstar 12 (15° W, Ku-Band)

W2M (48° E)

Yamal-200 #2 (49° E, C-Band)