Video Broadcast & Content Delivery

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Video Broadcast and Content Delivery

Sintelsat services support both the distribution of high-quality
audio/video contents of TV networks and IP customers via global
satellites. We refer to Sintelsat Video Broadcast and Content Delivery
Solutions to provide video programs to remote distributors or direct-to-home
subscribers. We also offer web caching services between CDN and
ISP bringing the information from the Internet closer to the user.

Sintelsat provides end-to-end solution

Sintelsat offers satellite broadcast solutions for broadcasting
stations/ TV networks to distribute their multimedia contents via
global satellite network. Our solutions cover the transmission/
broadcast engineering services that will provide broadcast stations
the capability to focus on the development of contents for their

Broadcast Center Facility

Our turnkey services include post-production content editing,
content development, program scheduling, uplink services and/or
installation, transmission capacity, transmission engineering (compression,
encryption), end-user antenna receiver installations, full redundant
systems, backup system and 24/7 Helpdesk support.

Head-end Operator Solution

Sintelsat services provide the transmission and space capacity
for satellite communication between the broadcast station and the
Head-end cable operator. If required, Sintelsat builds on-premise
uplink facility for the broadcast station.

(DTH) Direct-To-Home Distribution

Broadcast networks use multiple GEO satellites allowing broadcasting
signal on wider area coverage throughout countries or regions. Sintelsat
Video Broadcast Solution provides DTH operators 100-200 or more
channels on each receiver end. Subscribers will enjoy hundreds of
multiple programming choices at the same slot time. For group users,
DTH signals are received in a single VSAT antenna and providing
a receiver for each user.

Content delivery solution- Webcasting/ Web caching

Our Webcasting solution features live, and on-demand audio and video
broadcasting, pay-per-view broadcasting, secured broadcasting, and
multicasting services. Sintelsat solutions include content distribution
that provides streaming services enabling content providers and ISP/corporate/private
group to host web casts using our satellite web caching services
worldwide. Sintelsat content delivery solution allows ISP to
cache high capacity content from our CDN network that brings the
content “close” to users, which avoids running lengthy
multimedia presentations over multiple hops on the Internet.

Through satellite-based technologies, IP multicast/broadcast using
Sintelsat webcast/web caching services are true dual-edge solution
for ISPs, corporations, educational institutions, broadcast media,
governments and private groups. This is the ideal platform for intelligent and
high-performance content delivery.