Satellite Imagery

Sintelsat offers the most advanced satellite imagery solutions used in commercial remote sensing system. We offer the highest resolution in satellite imaging system today. Sintelsat has a strong partnership with remote sensing satellite operators, who currently own & operate earth imaging satellites like Ikonos, OrbView-2, and the newest is GeoEye-1 which will provide high-resolution color imagery of the Earth around the globe.




Advanced Image Processing

Our solutions are derived from advanced image processing and photogrammetry produced from a wide variety of satellite and airborne sources. Applications include fused images, digital elevation models (DEMs), land-use classification maps and other image-derived solutions.

Sintelsat Imagery Sources
    • Ikonos produces 1-meter panchromatic and 4-meter multispectral imagery that can be combined in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide range of high-resolution imagery applications.


    • OrbView-2 provides 1-km multispectral imagery that primarily supports the Seastart Fisheries Information Service with daily fish-finding maps for fishing vessels around the world. In addition, it is used for environmental monitoring purposes and naval operations.


    • MJ Harden provides turnkey, high resolution aerial imagery with ground resolutions as small as 1.5″ resolution.


    • OrbView-3 provides high-resolution imagery with 1-meter panchromatic and 4-meter multispectral imagery for areas-of-interest worldwide.


    • GeoEye-1 will capture image detail up to 0.41 meter for panchromatic images, and 1.65-meter for multispectral images. GeoEye-1 will collect large areas of up to 700,000 sq. km. per day, or over 255 million sq. km. per year.


    • The Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS) system is the largest constellation of remote sensing satellites for civilian use in operation today in the world. All these are placed in polar sun-synchronous orbit and provide data in a variety of spatial, spectral and temporal resolutions to enable several applications to be undertaken relevant to the national development.


    • SPOT 5 features a new HRS imaging instrument operating in panchromatic mode. HRS points forward and aft of the satellite, giving it the ability to acquire stereopair images almost simultaneously to map relief. SPOT 5 is also carrying the recurrent VEGETATION 2 instrument and the DORIS instrument.


  • We have access to some specialized Russian commercial satellite imagery solutions which can provide hard to find imagery thus complementing the American satellites solutions.
Imagery Applications


Geo Imagery – Ideal for visual and interpretive applications such as intelligence or visualization that do not require high positional accuracy. They are ideal for users who have advanced photogrammetric processing capabilities.

Orthorectified Imagery – For users who require higher levels of positional accuracy for detailed analysis and mapping projects.

      • For regional mapping projects suitable for 1:50,000 applications. Orthocorrects and mosaics all Reference-level imagery to a minimum accuracy of 25 meters CE90.


      • Ideal for projects requiring high-resolution imagery when ground control may be costly or difficult to acquire. The 1- and 4-meter satellite imagery are the most accurate that do not require ground control.


      • Supports regional and large-scale urban planning projects with a 1:4,800 NMAS map-accuracy level. It uses ground control and high-quality elevation models to increase positional accuracy.


      • Provides the spatial accuracy necessary for most urban planning applications, as well as cadastral and infrastructure mapping requirements. Available only in 1-meter panchromatic and 1-meter color with a 2-meter CE90 accuracy.


Stereo Imagery – Supports training, mission planning, and visual simulation applications.