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WiMAX is a “last mile” technology that connects users to the high-speed
internet. WiMAX will provide high-throughput broadband wireless
connections over long distances.

Sintelsat WiMAX Wireless Network integrated with Satellite VSAT
hub allows IP connectivity between the IP backbone to wireless network
at any remote sites.

The wireless solution provides high-speed connectivity to remote
locations and multiple services including broadband internet, VoIP,
VoD, remote video security and many other applications.

WiMAX Advantage:

    • Up to a 30 miles range without wires
    • Unwired cable or T1 broadband equivalent speed or more
    • Delivers “last mile” wireless access in remote areas
    • Affordable technology due to the elimination of expensive cabling
      cost and installation and other relevant connectivity/ compatibility
      issue with existing technology.