End to End Solutions

Sintelsat Fiber Solutions provide cost effective solutions for fiber capacity and connectivity with global networks. Our fiber networking expertise and provisioning includes SONET/SDH DWDM networks at any capacity (e.g. OC-192/STM-64), including IP routing, fiber switching, signaling, control, network management system, network interfaces, QoS/Policy Servers, network integration, network operation center, engineering and technical support, and maintenance services.

Sintelsat has sustained global and local partners that allows us to provide fiber solution in many countries worldwide. We provide solutions for

  • Advanced carrier-class network, connecting India, Europe, North America, and Asia
  • Fiber connectivity solutions in Eastern Europe, Middle East and African regions
  • End to End fiber solutions including the local loops
  • International Network Services over SONET/SDH
    — International Private Line,
    — Dedicated Global Ethernet
  • International Network Services over IP 
    — Layer 2 VPN on MPLS,
    — Layer 3 VPN on MPLS,
    — IP Access