Network Services

Dedicated Global Ethernet Our solution uses SONET/SDH Platform to provide long haul, point-to-point connectivity with low latency and minimum jitter. Our all-optical network design provides rapid protection switching to ensure unsurpasses circuit availability and continuity across all transmission paths.

IPLC Enterprise customers rely on International Private Line Circuits (IPLCs) to deliver mission-critical business transactions. Our protected full circuits are delivered over our own optical infrastructure. This service offers high-performance reliability, diversity and service levels, but allows traffic to automatically route to a different path in case of service disruption.

MPLS IP-VPN Global customers increasingly seek scalable, robust and cost-effective networking options. As organizations roll out new applications, customers can leverage MPLS-based IP-VPN networks that provide clear advantages to optimize their performance. Our IP-VPN services deliver world class security and include a full portfolio of access options, backup and managed service features.

NPLC This exclusive, high-speed digital circuit provides the customers with the opportunities to combine a variety of telecommunication applications, including transmission of point-to-point voice, high-speed data, video and fax.