Satellite Earth Stations

Satellite Earth Stations

The demand for satellite earth stations or space segment facilities have dramatically increased in today’s global telecommunications. The advent of new technologies for mobile and internet applications allow businesses, providers, and individual users to increase their productivity and discover opportunities around the world. With the present situation, global network operators have become more flexible in providing for the needs of their customers.

Sintelsat ground segment solution covers earth station upgrades, building up earth station facilities, earth stations (teleports, broadcast feeder links, VSAT hubs, video-uplink stations, gateways and more), network management system, carrier monitoring system and satellite connectivity for the growing needs of:

  •  Corporate Networking
  •  Broadcasting
  •  Voice/ Data/ Video Communications
  •  Internet Access
  •  Environmental Emergencies
  •  Special Tactics Missions

Our program includes the integration of equipment, information systems, support, and satcom services into one cost-effective solution that satisfies our customers’ requirements globally. We can customize our solutions accordingly with your network requirements:

Design and Integration. Network technology and application; frequency engineering and licensing support; link analysis; earth station’s system design and specification; site and equipment layout.

Facility Services. Site survey and assessment; civil construction; electric power system and resources; environmental security and control.

Equipment Installation. Uplink system/ Downlink system and subsystems; redundant/ non-redundant configuration options, satellite compliant earth stations, lightning protection, deicing option, administrative management terminals.

Tracking solutions. Sintelsat provides tracking system to 1.8-meter and 2.4-meter antenna for tracking inclined orbital satellites.

Network Management System. Monitors and controls the entire network at the hub location.

Carrier Monitoring System. Real time satellite carrier performance monitoring.

Satellite Connectivity. Satellite selection and satellite bandwidth optimization.

General services. Testing, training, on-site support

24/7 Helpdesk Support.